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How do I open a support ticket?

Once an account has been created and you have logged in, you can open a support ticket.

Click on Open a New Ticket to bring up a new ticket form.

Under Basic Information, choose a topic from the drop-down menu (options include: Request a Feature, Report a Problem, General Inquiry and Feedback).

Under Ticket Details, write a subject for the support ticket and include a software version number (the version number should include the major, minor and revision number of the software e.g. 1.28.0 – this can be found in the DataStudio title bar or in the inmation.exe properties).

If possible, enter the name of the component that there is an issue with (e.g. Core or Connector).

Enter the details of the issue giving as much detail as possible. Screenshots or files can also be uploaded to better explain the issue and help the customer support agent to resolve your problem effectively.

Click Create Ticket to log the ticket in the customer support system.

You will receive an email confirming that your ticket has been created with the assigned ticket number.

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